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Charleston Crêpe Co.

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Holy City Chocolate

Charleston Crêpe Co. Products

Signature Crêpe Cakes

crepe cakes

C’est magnifique, Darlin! Each delicate crêpe cake features 25 made-by-hand crêpes hand-layered with our handmade filling and packaged in a white glossy tin and polka dot cellophane. The retro-inspired label amuses with witty sayings and ‘50s graphics. Our cakes are a labor of love. Each crepe is lovingly cooking in our seasoned pan, then layered and stacked with the utmost care. 9 inch cake. Buy cakes.


Specialty and Tiered Crêpe Cakes

tiered wedding crepe cake tiered cake

Our tiered crêpe cakes are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, bridal and baby showers, graduations and anniversaries. Each delicate crêpe cake features 25 made-by-hand crêpes hand-layered with a light vanilla or chocolate creme and the cakes are fashioned of 2 or 3 tiers of 50 and 75 crêpes respectively.


Crêpe Mix

Crepe Mix crepe mix

"Here are your directions, honey!" We traveled the world perfecting our recipe for classic crêpe mix and we promise they will be the best you’ve ever made. Just add eggs and water and turn your kitchen into a classic crêperie. Makes approximately 24 8-10 inch crêpes. Click photo for more info. Buy crêpe mix.


Holy City Chocolate Products

Dark Chocolate Toffee

dark chocolate toffee toffee

"Holy Mackerel, that’s good!" Handcrafted in small batches these artisanal treats combine our favorite Southern ingredients with premium Colombian chocolate to create toffees layered with rich dark chocolate. Packaged in 6 oz glossy white bags with retro-inspired labels, the toffee amuse with witty sayings and ‘50s graphics. Available in Dark Chocolate Pecan and Dark Chocolate Peanut. Buy toffee.

hot chocolate hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate

"I’m Rich and This is Delicious!" Handcrafted in small batches in Charleston, SC this artisanal hot cocoa is creamy, delicious and all natural. A decadent treat, the hot chocolate is teeming with high-quality dark chocolate chunks and is perfect for the chocolate lover. Packaged in a 16 oz silver tin with a retro-inspired label, the hot chocolate delights more than the tastebuds with its witty sayings and ‘50s graphics. Buy hot chocolate.